Systran: la traduction automatique / Machine Translation






SYSTRAN Personal 4.0 SYSTRAN Personal 4.0

Translate letters, web pages, chat, emails, and just about any written text with SYSTRAN Personal 4.0. All in 2 simple clicks! Just copy text from various Windows applications to the clipboard. The text is automatically translated when you paste it. The Microsoft Internet Explorer plugin provides you with seamless and on-demand translations of web pages.

SYSTRAN Premium 4.0 SYSTRAN Premium 4.0

Communicate more effectively with customers overseas, gather vital business intelligence from the Internet, and link your multinational offices with translated emails and messages. SYSTRAN Premium 4.0 provides translations ready for editing and publication, at substantial cost savings over outside translation services. With over 2 million words and 20 terminology-specific domains for context-sensitive translations, SYSTRAN Premium 4.0 is the one product that fits all translation needs.

SYSTRAN Standard 4.0 SYSTRAN Standard 4.0

Small to medium sized businesses have growing translation needs, but can rarely afford the cost of human translation services. SYSTRAN Standard 4.0 offers a proven and cost-effective way to translate emails, letters, web pages and just about any written text. Ideal for the typical fast-paced business environment, SYSTRAN Standard 4.0 offers Microsoft Office plugins that provide seamless translations and preserve document formatting.


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