Best Translation Tools


Natural language processing is no more restricted to universities and researchers. New products are continuously released for the "industrial" needs, and we track such developments to build up our offer.

From documentation planning to multilingual delivery for media production, our aim is to carefully select the best product for each processing levels.

Our offer is building up, come back to learn more.



Software localisation tool: Multilizer

Multilizer is THE software that helps both programmers and translators achieve faster and better localisation, whatever the programming language. It allows for delivering original and localised versions simultaneously. With FXM's added services to create the required multilingual terminology, check your translation, or perform the entire localisation of your product.






Machine Translation

Laughing about the output of machine translation just means not being concerned about results, efficiency, cost control, etc.

Why spend money on translation if you just need to know "what it is about"?

Why not trust specialist to understand each other's message even with an "approximative language"?

Did you know that you can have a control over the machine translation process to enhance the output quality?




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