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MULTILIZER 5.1 for Mobile is the all-in-ine localization solution for any company developing Mobile software. It supports all industry-standard Mobile development tools.

Multilizer 5.1 for Mobile includes several features that simplify localization of Mobile software; max-pixel values ensure that mobile UI's remain usable after localization, emulator support helps to debug localized mobile applications, and more.

Multilizer also includes features that improve productivity. Translation Memory stores any translations for later re-use, Wizards guide through more compilcated tasks. After setting up a localization project, all standard tasks are done almost automatically.



One product for all Mobile localization needs;
Multilizer for Mobile is everything you need for localizing any Palm, Symbian, or Pocket PC gadget.

Save time and money by automating manual localization tasks;
Multilizer Wizards simplify typical localization tasks, such as creating project, building localized items, and much more.

Achieve higher quality;
Multilizer allows users to run localized software directly from Multilizer using emaulators; users quickly get an overview of localization quality.

Improve translation consistency and overall quality;
Multilizer Translation Memory stores translations for re-use, and fuzzy-matching and server technologies ensure the most efficient use of company's valuable terminology.

Re-use translations from existing software;
On creating a new project, Multilizer automatically recognizes existing languages and translations, and re-uses them.

Cut down possible errors in UI translation;
Users can set a maxpixels/maxcharacter count to prevent too long translations. Multilizer can even detect the values from source code!

Manage costs with advanced statistics;
Easy-to-read statistics help in creating schedules and cost estimates.

No need for expensive training;
Multilizer provides one localization solution for all different projects. Multilizer is easy and straight-forward to use even for beginners.

Products Comparison Matrix (PDF)

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MULTILIZER 5.1 for Mobile

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Supported Platforms and Development Tools

Visual Studio .NET Smart Device Application projects
Pocket PC / WinCE
Data files: XML and derivatives, Text files (UTF-8, UTF16, ANSI, etc.), INI-files, KEY-files, SHL-files, SLS-files (StreamServe)
XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format)


System Requirements: Windows 9x, 2000/XP (XP recommended); Pentium CPU or higher; 256MB central memory; 40MB hard disk space.




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