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MULTILIZER 6.0 Translator Edition Pro is the prefect product for QA and testing persons. This product includes all validation and QA routines of Multilizer, and it allows building of localized items based on any existing Multilizer project.

New Multilizer projects can't be created With Multilizer 6.0 Translator Edition. Therefore it is always used together with any other Multilizer products; it is compatible with any Multilizer 6 project.



Use for QA of any Multilizer 6 project;
Multilizer Translator Edition Pro is compatible with any Multilizer product; QA persons can simply open existing Multilizer 6 project, and do the validation on them.

Validate localized software;
Multilizer Translator Edition Pro is able to build localized versions of the software, enabling real testing of localized software. Emulator support help to validate localized mobile software.

Achieve higher quality automatically;
Multilizer validation finds localization issues and possible typing errors automatically, and even corrects typical errors.

Improve translation consistency and overall quality;
Multilizer Translation Memory stores translations for re-use, any translation corrections will be available for entire company.

Cut down errors in translation;
Multilizer's Visual Editors (wysiwyg) help QA-persons/translators to see the context of any single translation of the UI.

Manage costs with advanced statistics;
Comprehensive and easy-to-read validation reports help QA-persons keep track of project status.

Products Comparison Matrix (PDF)

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MULTILIZER 6.0 for Windows


MULTILIZER 6.0 for Visual C++

MULTILIZER 6.0 for .NET and Visual Basic

MULTILIZER 6.0 for Java

MULTILIZER 6.0 Translator Edition Pro

MULTILIZER 5.1 for Mobile

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Supported Platforms and Development Tools

Compatible with any Multilizer 6 project.


System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP (XP recommended); Pentium CPU or higher; 256MB central memory; 40MB hard disk space.



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