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MULTILIZER 6.0 for Windows is the localization product for companies that focus on developing Windows software.

Multilizer provides a uniform solution for the localization needs of any Windows software developed in any mainstream development environment. Both Win32 and .NET platforms are fully supported.



The all-in-one solution for Windows development needs
Multilizer fully supports both Win32 and .NET platforms. No need for separate products, nor any annoying differences in the way of localizing the applications.

Cut down errors in translation;
Multilizer's Visual Editors (wysiwyg) help translators to see the context of any single translation of the UI.

Translations get correct at once;
Multilizer is able to show visual inheritance in its Wysiwyg. This ensures that translators really know what they are translating. This minimizes considerably the QA work.

Extend the possibilities of localization;
Multilizer not only localizes strings, but users can localize UI's, bitmaps, and any other resources embedded in the software.

Manage costs with advanced statistics;
Comprehensive and easy-to-read statistics help in creating cost estimates.

Save time and money by automating manual localization tasks;
Multilizer Wizards simplify typical localization tasks, such as creating project, building localized items, and much more.

Achieve higher quality automatically;
Multilizer validation finds localization issues and possible typing errors automatically, and even corrects typical errors.

Improve translation consistency and overall quality;
Multilizer Translation Memory stores translations for re-use, and fuzzy-matching ensure the most efficient use of company's valuable terminology.

Re-use translations from existing software;
On creating a new project, Multilizer automatically recognizes existing languages and translations, and re-uses them.

Support for standards guarantee compatibility;
Multilizer has the widest support for the industry standards, such as XML and Unicode. These guarantee the compatibility with others systems.

Products Comparison Matrix (PDF)

MULTILIZER 6.0 Enterprise

MULTILIZER 6.0 for Windows


MULTILIZER 6.0 for Visual C++

MULTILIZER 6.0 for .NET and Visual Basic

MULTILIZER 6.0 for Java

MULTILIZER 6.0 Translator Edition Pro

MULTILIZER 5.1 for Mobile

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Supported Platforms and Development Tools

Microsoft Win32 Applications (EXE, DLL, OCX, etc.)
Microsoft .NET Applications (ResX, sln, csproj, vbproj, etc.)
Borland C#Builder project
Borland Delphi 8 project
Borland Delphi/C++Builder binaries (EXE, DLL, BPL, OCX, etc.)
VB 6 project
Data files: XML and derivatives, Text files (UTF-8, UTF16, ANSI, etc.), INI-files, KEY-files, SHL-files, SLS-files (StreamServe)
XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format)


System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP (XP recommended); Pentium CPU or higher; 256MB central memory; 40MB hard disk space.



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