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Multilizer Project

Multilizer Project is created when initializing a localization project. The idea is to maintain the project along with the software development; Multilizer takes care of synchronizing localization project, if there are any changes in the software to localize.

Multilizer stores all localizable data in platform and programming tool independent XML-format. Localization is never done directly on the software, so Multilizer is a safe solution. When localized items are created, Multilizer reads the original software and writes localized software based on the Multilizer project information.


Visual Editors (Wysiwyg)

Multilizer Visual Editors allow editing of dialogs and other resources visually; this allows user to see how localized software will look like, thus it's called Wysiwyg (What you see is what you get).

Visual Editors ensure that translations are always done in correct context, as translator will see what other strings are on the form/dialog being translated.

Multilizer is the first to introduce Wysiwyg for XML and source files; when editing XML or any source file (.c, .pas, .bas, etc.) user will see the code also. For XML and other developers/localizers this drastically cuts down potential sources for errors.


Smarter Translation Memory

Multilizer Translation Memory stores translations for later re-use. Translations can either come from ongoing localization project, or users can import translations as documents from other formats and products, such as TMX-format or TRADOS for example.

Multilizer Translation Memory enables automated translation of Multilizer projects. Availability of Fuzzy match, close-to match, and perfect match ensures that Multilizer takes advantage of Translation Memory contents in the most efficient way. In addition to imporvements in productivity users achieve higher consistency in translations.

Opposed to other products, Multilizer Translation Memory is installed on industry standard database. Installing it on SQL Server, Oracle, or other RDBMS, enables multiple users to use the same Translation Memory concurrently. This further improves productivity.

Users can install as many Translation Memory databases as desired. Any configured Translation Memory can include as many imported documents as needed.


Automated Validation

Almost 20 validation routines ensure that most common issues are detected automatically. This cuts down considerably the time and resources spent on quality assurance of localization project.

Validation links enable easy navigation between validation result window and the correct location in project. This speeds up working in correcting issues.

Validation reports are produced in XML-format, which enables easy integration of validation data in enterprise's own systems.



Multilizer shows real-time status information in the main window. This keeps users updated of the very basic information of target language status, and current string being edited.

Comprehensive statistic reports show in word/string counts and percentages the current status of project. This information helps to plan resource use in ongoing localization project, and it's useful for translation cost estimation.

Statistic reports are produced in XML-format, which enables easy integration of project statistics data in enterprise's own systems.


Support for any language

Multilizer supports both Unicode and ANSI, which ensures best possible language compatibility on any supported platform.

Pseudo language tests are available for Western, Middle Eastern, and Far Eastern character sets.

Besides support for character set standards, Multilizer supports localization of IME properites of .NET and Delphi/C++Builder software; this improves the quality of software localized to Far Eastern languages, such as Japanese and Chinese.


Comparison of supported platforms

Supported Platforms and Development Tools
Microsoft Win32 Applications (EXE, DLL, OCX, etc.)        
Microsoft .NET Application resources (ResX)        
Visual Studio .NET project files (sln, csproj, vbproj, etc.)        
Visual Studio .NET Smart Device Application projects        
Borland C#Builder project        
Borland Delphi 8 project        
Borland Delphi/C++Builder binaries (EXE, DLL, OCX, etc.)        
Java (J2EE, J2SE)          
Database contents (Oracle, SQL Server, DB/2, etc.)          
Oracle Forms and Reports applications            
XML and derivatives included in all Multilizer products
Text files (UTF-8, UTF16, ANSI, etc.)
INI-files, KEY-files

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MULTILIZER 6.0 for .NET and Visual Basic

MULTILIZER 6.0 for Java

MULTILIZER 6.0 Translator Edition Pro

MULTILIZER 5.1 for Mobile

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