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An approach but also a firm objective

It is perfectly possible to carry out business, and even to satisfy certain clients, by focusing on price or speed alone. However, the choice we have made, is to provide top quality; not only high quality texts, but also exemplary service, - and at all levels.

Carefully selected translators and proofreaders

Assets such as translating solely into the mother tongue, specialisation in specific fields, the use of appropriate available resources, the ability to write well and work conscientiously are all top priorities, but this is not all that is required of our pool of external translators. We also need deadlines to be kept, flexibility, and a capacity to work as partners: genuine professionals, in short.
Today's means of communication provide access to translators throughout the world, and we take advantage of this by using only the best, who then work regularly with us and who share our philosophy.
Beyond the constant improvements owing to this type of collaboration, our approach also allows us to consistently entrust work from regular clients to the same group of translators and proofreaders who thus remain constantly informed of the results of our monitoring process, the client's reaction, updates to the terminology, and the specific characteristics of each individual item of work.

Tried and tested procedures

Every text received from regular clients undergoes four stages of processing:

  • translation,
  • proofreading,
  • recording of modifications and final control,
  • and update to dictionaries and translation memories

Our working procedures include follow-up, aimed at the constant improvement of our services within the framework of long term relationships. Although this may mean that we are, at times, demanding towards our clients, we also serve their interests: the purpose of our method is to integrate our services into those of the client company.

The appropriate technology

Naturally, our in-house resources include terminology management software and translation memories which allow us to guarantee consistency within each client's documentation. Thanks to automatic tools for recovery of texts that have already been translated, we can significantly reduce the cost of updating technical documentation and user manuals for our clients. For projects which justify such means, our external translators also have the same tools at their disposal.

However, we do not restrict our resources to standard tools since the work we handle is often by no means standard. Thanks to various utilities and macros developed either in-house or on a collaboration basis, we draw full benefit from the wide array of technologies available for processing natural languages.

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