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Calculation method

Our fees are based on the amount of text in the target version. The basis for the calculation is the 53-character line, spaces included (a number of consecutive spaces count as a single character). We use Quant software for counting, after having scrupulously tested its reliability.
Our rates may also be expressed by character, word, or page. However, we feel that rates per word - a practice that is standard in the Anglo-Saxon world - should be avoided. Our reasoning is not only due to variations in average word length from one language to another, but also - as in German for example - from one type of text to another. The word cannot therefore be considered to be a valid unit for calculation.

What's included in the price?

What we offer our clients is not just lines of text, but indeed a comprehensive service! This includes:

  • Translation
  • Revision
  • Recording modifications and final control
  • Layout of target text in line with that of the source text
  • Terminology memorisation
  • Integration of possible client input

(See our work procedures)

Fixed costs

Every order we receive demands various administrative tasks, which are not proportional to the volume of text. We therefore charge a fixed per order handling fee of CHF 20.00.

Variable costs

We invoice the actual post and communications expenses incurred

Special jobs

Orders that cannot be invoiced on a text volume basis are invoiced on an hourly fee specified in advance.

Quotations and evaluations

All quotations are free of charge and are valid for 1 month.

Large orders

We issue monthly invoices for long-term projects.

Preferential rates

Regular orders, collaboration contracts, orders where translation support is received (i.e. specific dictionary/glossary, translation memories, etc.) may justify preferential rates.


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