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French, German, English, Italian, and Spanish.
If the need arises, we can also count on a pre-screened network of partners working in other languages.

Quality assurance
Tried and tested procedures

  • All our partners translate into their mother tongue
  • Each translation is revised by another person in addition to the translator
  • Before delivery, a third person makes a final check
  • All orders from any one client are handled by the same team (translator, proofreader, and terminology specialist)
  • Our translators are informed of any remarks made by the proofreader
  • Any terms specific to the field/client are recorded in our database, and communicated to the translator along with the text for translation

Technical fields
Dictionaries, external resources, and partnerships with clients

Curiosity is one of our main qualities. A new field always means the pleasure of discovery and learning. However, very few fields are totally unknown to us and we always know where to find the necessary resources, be they online dictionaries, specialised reference works, or human resources such as specialists who are not only translators but also people with practical field experience and knowledge.
Last but not least, our clients understand that our questions are in their own interest, and as a last resort they may be called upon to help solve queries that may still remain after being handled by both translator and proofreader. Our work procedures and our terminology management methods ensure that each regular client will have a perfectly maintained, specialised dictionary. This not only serves to record the terms and vocabulary specific to the field, but also provides the company with its own distinctive language identity.

Methods and experience

Our expertise allows us to handle each stage in the life of a document, from conception to publication, and in a variety of media. Our wide experience of managing large projects enables us to anticipate necessary actions in order to integrate them into our clients' internal processes. This means that the various phases are simplified and costs reduced.

Computer equipment
Performance and reliability

Beyond the standard tools found on the market, we master a number of specialised translation tools: translation memory management systems, tools for creating such memories (alignment), terminology software (with automatic recognition), text analysis and term extracting software (with or without contexts), plus SGML, HTML and XML editors. We work primarily in a Windows environment, but we also have Linux at our disposal and are also familiar with Unix and MacOS. Having to adapt to the client's environment has taught us to learn.

Professionalism and partnership

Professionalism means being aware of both one's capacities and one's limits, and to bring these into play whenever the evolution of a project depends on them. It also means never losing sight of the final goal, and respecting commitments made at all levels. Our success is closely linked to that of our clients; our interests depend on respecting their interests, and in particular by guaranteeing finished products of extremely high quality.


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