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Terminology conveys and reflects the knowledge and culture of a company. The corporate dictionary is a fundamental and versatile tool that helps to:

  • unify the language used throughout the company, from R&D to After Sales
  • ensure consistency within company literature guarantee translation consistency
  • provide valuable assistance to external translators
  • accelerate the integration of new personnel
  • enhance data base efficiency by aiding stock management, for example

In order to open up opportunities for increasing your productivity, FXM terminology services make use of tools derived from research into natural language processing, plus the competence of specialised computer science / linguistics experts with various mother tongues.

Our services encompass, in the form of an integrated package or isolated modules, all processes that make it possible to master terminology. Our work is always tailored to the client's specific needs. We can offer:


Analysis of existing documentation
to extract the basic data for the corporate dictionary

  • List of specific terms
  • List of collocations Multilingual lists, with equivalence tables
  • Terms in context, particularly for compiling definitions

Search for terminology resources
to avoid re-inventing what already exists

  • Evaluation of public resources (dictionaries available on the market, Internet resources)
  • Research and negotiation of private resources
  • Research into specific areas

Creation of a corporate dictionary

  • Arrangement of data according to user requirements, and taking into account constraints imposed by software (database)
  • Organisation of logistics, management and updates

Integration of the dictionary into the intranet

  • Setting up of server applications
  • Creation of consultation interface (cf. example)
  • Management and updates


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