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phraseological dictionary

A data bank for storing standard phrases describing concepts or actions likely to be repeated within the framework of a series of documentation. For example, if the phrase "Press Enter to open file" recurs frequently in the instructions for using a piece of equipment, the writer can select this as such from his or her dictionary of phrases. Beyond saving time, this tool makes it possible to guarantee the phraseological consistency of a text.


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- adaptation

- alignment

- ambiguity

- automatic recognition

- automatic translation

- calculation of text volume

- collocation

- computer assisted translation

- concatenation

- concordance

- consistency

- deadlines

- dictionary

- electronic dictionary

- expansion

- fuzzy matching

- globalisation

- glossary

- interpretation

- legal translation

- linguistic data processing

- localisation

- natural languages

- navigation

- online dictionary

- phraseological dictionary

- pre-translation

- proofreading

- repetition rate

- segment

- source

- source texte analysis

- specialised terminology

- target

- tariffs

- technical translation

- terminology

- terminology software

- transcription

- translation memory

- translation unit

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