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in the age of information technology





A group of words that usually describe a concept, an object or an action. A collocation, for example "sliding wheel" or "law on banks" is considered - on a level of  terminology - to be a self-contained term, and will appear as such in a glossary. Automatic searching for collocations in the source text makes it possible to create a glossary prior to translation. However, the relevant tools are as yet not sufficiently efficient to be marketed (and the clients are far from numerous!). FXM is working on this concept in collaboration with researchers.


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- adaptation

- alignment

- ambiguity

- automatic recognition

- automatic translation

- calculation of text volume

- collocation

- computer assisted translation

- concatenation

- concordance

- consistency

- deadlines

- dictionary

- electronic dictionary

- expansion

- fuzzy matching

- globalisation

- glossary

- interpretation

- legal translation

- linguistic data processing

- localisation

- natural languages

- navigation

- online dictionary

- phraseological dictionary

- pre-translation

- proofreading

- repetition rate

- segment

- source

- source texte analysis

- specialised terminology

- target

- tariffs

- technical translation

- terminology

- terminology software

- transcription

- translation memory

- translation unit

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