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source text analysis

A pre-translation process aimed at evaluating the qualitative and quantitative properties of the source text. The main purpose of source text analysis is to determine the procedures to be followed and the translation tools required in order to optimise work on projects of some considerable size. Among other advantages, analysis makes it possible to extract a list of terms and collocations and their frequency, to establish a list of terms not found in a specific dictionary, to analyse a term within its various contexts (concordance), to determine the repetition rate and the terminological and phraseological consistency, or to establish a provisional glossary.


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- adaptation

- alignment

- ambiguity

- automatic recognition

- automatic translation

- calculation of text volume

- collocation

- computer assisted translation

- concatenation

- concordance

- consistency

- deadlines

- dictionary

- electronic dictionary

- expansion

- fuzzy matching

- globalisation

- glossary

- interpretation

- legal translation

- linguistic data processing

- localisation

- natural languages

- navigation

- online dictionary

- phraseological dictionary

- pre-translation

- proofreading

- repetition rate

- segment

- source

- source texte analysis

- specialised terminology

- target

- tariffs

- technical translation

- terminology

- terminology software

- transcription

- translation memory

- translation unit

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