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fuzzy matching

A computer search technique that makes it possible to find not only the exact equivalent of the term needed, but also all the elements with a certain degree of similarity to it. This technique is particularly applied within electronic dictionaries or when using CAT, where it allows the translator to obtain, for example, the translation of an adjective on the basis of a corresponding noun included in the dictionary or the translation of a similar (but not identical) phrase already recorded in the translation memory.


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- adaptation

- alignment

- ambiguity

- automatic recognition

- automatic translation

- calculation of text volume

- collocation

- computer assisted translation

- concatenation

- concordance

- consistency

- deadlines

- dictionary

- electronic dictionary

- expansion

- fuzzy matching

- globalisation

- glossary

- interpretation

- legal translation

- linguistic data processing

- localisation

- natural languages

- navigation

- online dictionary

- phraseological dictionary

- pre-translation

- proofreading

- repetition rate

- segment

- source

- source texte analysis

- specialised terminology

- target

- tariffs

- technical translation

- terminology

- terminology software

- transcription

- translation memory

- translation unit

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