Keywords within translation
in the age of information technology




automatic translation

An information technology that uses the computer's calculating power to analyse the structure of each statement or phrase of the text to be translated (source text), to break down this structure into elements that are simple to translate, and to build up a phrase using the same structure in the target language. This also involves the use of extremely voluminous multi-language dictionaries and thousands of translated pages (both source and target).


(See also our article "Computer translation?")


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- adaptation

- alignment

- ambiguity

- automatic recognition

- automatic translation

- calculation of text volume

- collocation

- computer assisted translation

- concatenation

- concordance

- consistency

- deadlines

- dictionary

- electronic dictionary

- expansion

- fuzzy matching

- globalisation

- glossary

- interpretation

- legal translation

- linguistic data processing

- localisation

- natural languages

- navigation

- online dictionary

- phraseological dictionary

- pre-translation

- proofreading

- repetition rate

- segment

- source

- source texte analysis

- specialised terminology

- target

- tariffs

- technical translation

- terminology

- terminology software

- transcription

- translation memory

- translation unit

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